The conceit of Foam’al Outbursts! was derived on two fronts. First, a natural expression of Lake Ontario, and second, a statement against climate change, erratic temperatures and torrential rain plaguing the city. In 2017 Toronto experienced the highest annual rainfall since 1953, twice average levels, resulting in debilitating flooding and power outages.

Foam’al Outbursts! breeds inspiration from natural seafoam, the mixing of air and water, and extreme weather, causing tumultuous lakefront conditions. In turn, the exhibition is alive, periodically erupting seafoam, created from lake water, as a statement hostile to tenuous weather and downpours. Foam spouts, accumulating on the translucent stretched enclosure, freezing overnight, and glistening with morning sun. Shallow pools, flooded with lake water, speak to recent radical waterfront flooding.

The proposal transforms over the duration of the exhibition, perpetually amassing foam as temperatures fluctuate. Foam will freeze and melt, permitting future growth, and optimism for days to come.

Design Assistants: Olivia Tarro